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Plastic Boxes & Enclosure Ranges

PCI currently carry a variety of product ranges which cover just about every requirement our customers might have.  We manufacture and distribute our own " BATELEUR " range of enclosures, as well as some imported ranges.  Should you perhaps require an enclosure not listed here, please let us know so we can either import or manufacture it for you. Below is a summary of products with accompanying images:


PCI Range
Manufacturers and distributors of the BATELEUR range of enclosures with or without screw-on lids, plug sockets, wall mounts etc.

Enclosures with screw on lids
Enclosure with lids (not screw on)
Potting Enclosures without lids without brackets for wall mounting
Plug Boxes and Socket
Allbro Range of Enclosures
Rose Range of Enclosures


Taiwanese Range
We are stockists of the following range of Gainta enclosures. Note: All prices will have to be confirmed at the date of purchase.

Sealed Die Cast Aluminium
Economic Die Cast Aluminium Box
Sealed Polycarbonate Enclosures
Sealed ABS Enclosure
Sealed Polycarbonate Enclosure with clear lid
Moulded Plastic Enclosure
Flame Retardent Instrumental Enclosure
Instrumental Cases
T Case
Handheld Electronic Enclosure
Handheld Case
Utilibox with Mounted Brackets
Sloped Hand Held Enclosure
Keyboard Enclosure
Enclosure with battery compartment
Pro desk enclosure
Controller enclosure
Battery Contact Kit

European Range
We are also stockists of Gewiss enclosures. Note: All prices will have to be confirmed at the date of purchase. The enclosures are moulded in ABS and are suitable for electronic components. The clear lids are moulded in polycarbonate. The bases are grey. All products are designed to IP65.

Plain Enclosures
Deep Enclosures
Plain Enclosure with clear lids
Deep Enclosure with clear lids
Galvanised Chassis Plates for Enclosure

South African Range
We are stockists of the following range of Enlec enclosures. The enclosures are moulded in polycarbonate and are available with either clear or opaque lids. All enclosures have a neoprene seal and are designed to IP65. Metal device plates are optional. Hinges are available. All enclosures have spring action screws.

Enclosure with plain & clear lids
Installation Enclosures
Industrial Enclosures - "RL" Range
Okari Range